Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Passings

I want to take the opportunity to note the passing of two fine people. First, Bob Sullivan, who died about two weeks ago after a 14 month struggle with leukemia. I knew Bob for at least 25 years and he was the kind of lawyer I aspire to be. He was a smart and zealous advocate for his clients while at the same time, a true gentleman. Always fun to talk to. At his memorial service last Saturday, his brother in law described him as a ‘great guy’, the exact phrase that was running through my head right before he said it. I am going to miss Bob.

On Sunday night, I learned that Paul Kirby had died at the far too young age of 48. I knew Paul from his first real band “Walk The West” which should have been huge as well as his second band “The Cactus Brothers,” who I had the privilege of representing. To my mind, the Cactus Brothers were both timeless and a decade ahead of their time-kind of a cosmic country band with great songs that made people dance. I have no doubt that today’s Americana world would have totally embraced the Cactus Brothers. I didn’t know Paul really well but I respected him as a songwriter and many of his songs have been running through my head for years and especially over the last few days.

In my less cynical moments I realize that both these guys made Nashville a special place to live and work.

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