Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let Us Now Praise Dennis Scott and Fab Fan Memories the Beatles Bond

My friend and client (and Grammy Award Winner) Dennis Scott has had a long and storied career, but obviously, his first love is the Beatles. For the past few years, in addition to his successful career writing and producing children’s music, Scott has led a great Beatles tribute band called the WannaBeatles.

A while ago, Dennis told me he was creating a CD of Beatles’ fans talking about their memories of the fabs. My Beatles obsession knows no bounds so I was both encouraging and somewhat apprehensive about the project. After all, Beatles projects have varied from the sublime to the awful. I shouldn’t have worried, Dennis' album, Fab Fan Memories, the Beatles Bond brings together the sincere memories and observances of both ordinary fans (first generation and onwards) and celebrities such as Janis Ian, Melissa Manchester, Billy Swan and Phil Keaggy. I even learned something new about my friend Ed Salamon from listening to the disc. However, it is the collective experience of listening to the entire disc-from a fan recalling riding from Nashville to Memphis on a bus to see the Beatles in 1966 to Janis Ian talking about how excited she was as a teenaged recording artist to discover that Paul McCartney had ordered her records.

The disc is divided into sections and narrated by George Harrison’s sister Louise (who once refused to autograph my copy of her album “All About the Beatles”-but that’s another story…). Ms. Harrison’s habit of introducing each section with a question becomes a bit monotonous, but, hey’ she’s George Harrison’s sister. Background music is supplied by the WannaBeatles and the Liverpool Legends.

On the whole, this is a really well done piece of work and well worth searching out. Congratulations Dennis.

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