Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Howlin' Books and Grimey's Too

I am a sucker for book stores and used record stores; combine the two and I can become disoriented.  That happened this weekend when I attended the grand opening of Grimey's Too, the new expansion of Mike Grimes and Doyle Davis’ Grimey's Records operation.  This was a natural expansion, Grimey's needed more room for its “gently used” records.  The real surprise was the inclusion of Howlin’ Books in the mix.  This store is the new joint venture from my long-time friends Jessica Kimbrough and Gwil Owen and it is a wonder.  In addition to being a genuinely gifted song writer, Gwil has been a book scout for years and his collection is mind boggling.  The music book section alone is staggering. On Saturday, I kept bouncing like a pinball between books and records.  As in all great book/record store experiences, I found several things I didn’t know I needed. 

            The store also has a nice selection of new books, magazines and a coffee shop.  I am really excited about this addition to the landscape.  With Rhino Books, Book Man/Book Woman, Elders, Joel Tomlin’s place in Franklin and new ventures like Parnassus and the fascinating minimalist East Side Story,  Nashville is really becoming an interesting place for book lovers and it continues to be a great place for record geeks like myself.  Please support Howlin’ Books and Grimey's Too. 

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