Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year, New Office

                I suspect that I am like most people in that while I am intrigued with the idea of change, I don't really like it.  That said, sometimes you just have to jump.  Last weekend, I moved out of my office at Convent Place after a residency of more than ten years.  My long term plan was to move into the cool unfinished space above my garage (with its balcony view of downtown Nashville).  Unfortunately that space is not ready so I am temporarily working out of my house.  It's not complete chaos, I have entered into an arrangement with the folks at Espaces to meet my clients there and I am genuinely excited about meeting people at this shiny new location.  Here's the address:  4322 Harding Pike, Suite 417, Nashville, Tennessee 37205.  Come see me.

            In the interim, here's a picture of the one architectural detail I am really going to miss from the old Convent:  My 4th Floor windows with the extraordinary view.  However I won't miss the lack of heat, the 50 year old carpet, the electrical wiring that would short out if you made a copy while the coffeemaker was on, etc.  Okay... perhaps change is good. Happy New Year.

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