Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reading about the Civil Wars

I have been reading Adam Gold’s cover story in last week’s Nashville Scene about the Civil Wars (not the Civil War, I wrote about that here: wondering how I missed all of this until recently. I have had several people tell me about this group but I never got around to listening to them. The duo made their debut at a club not two blocks away from my house and their management/record company/significant other is apparently in my building. They’ve sold 200,000 albums and 250,000 downloads. This is a phenomenal story but the real back-story is even more interesting from Christian music to a failed record deal to television commercials for hot dogs-and at the end of the day real talent which can take a band from the French Quarter Café to the Royal Albert Hall in two years. I am impressed by the genuineness of the story and can’t help thinking about the Civil Wars and their organic success as I also read about Citigroup finally unloading the once hallowed EMI Music Group. These are two very different stories of success in the music business. The band’s manager is speaking at a Nashville Bar Association CLE in a few weeks and I am looking forward to hearing him.

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