Sunday, November 13, 2011

Copyright Office studies Remedies for Small Copyright Claims

This is interesting. The Copyright Office just announced that it is soliciting public comment through its notice of inquiry process on how copyright owners handle “small” copyright claims “and obstacles they have encountered as well as potential alternatives to the current legal system that could better accommodate such claims.”

While our Copyright Act provides significant muscle in stopping infringement, the whole process from registration (a prerequisite to filing a copyright infringement lawsuit) onwards is byzantine and for many copyright owners too expensive.

I am sure that many people will come up with suggestions and I don’t know what the Copyright Office will ultimately come up with but this seems like a golden opportunity to simplify the system and provide some clarity as to the rules. I don’t know if Congress could create something like a small claims court for small copyright claims but the concept is intriguing.

This will be a conversation worth following.

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