Thursday, January 27, 2011

The XM Satellite Radio Litigation

I have had a number of songwriters and artists ask me about the proposed settlement in the XM Satellite Radio Copyright Litigation Class Action pending in the United States District Court for the South District of New York.

The lawsuit essentially claimed that by virtue of its involvement with so-called “XM Recording Devices,” XM Radio facilitated copyright infringement. The case was certified as a class action and was recently settled by XM agreeing to pay out approximately $5 million to various owners of sound recordings and musical compositions broadcast on XM between March 30, 2006 and December 6, 2010. Settlement notices and proofs of claim were sent to potential claimants last week. In the packet I reviewed, the attorneys had identified the sound recordings belonging to my client, although other people have told me that the proof of claim forms they received were left blank.

If you think you might have a stake in this agreement and have not received settlement documents, you should contact the settlement administrator at 877-398-1139 or through their website

Clearly there is some amount of money out there and it would be foolish to leave it on the table.

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