Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sam Baylor: Life On Trouble Street

My friend Sam Baylor died last week. I have been trying to think of something I could write about Sam and I find it impossible.

If you knew Sam Baylor you loved him. Period. I really loved his songs.

In 2005,  I helped Sam release his first solo album "Life On Trouble Street". I knew he had songs he had been sitting on since his band Will and The Bushmen broke up and they needed to be recorded. Sam was ably assisted by Neilson Hubbard, Johnathon Bright, Jeff Cease, Preach Rutherford and Brad Pemberton. Tom Littlefield gave some valuable input. Will Kimbrough helped spread the word.

The record was not a financial success but I think its a huge artistic success and I am really proud that Sam got to put this out.

So here's the deal. I am sitting on a bunch of these cds. If you're a fan of Sam Baylor and you don't
 have one of these, you should. Send me an email with your address ( and I will get you one.


Fred Koller said...

I d be glad to have one.
This used to be a song town

jef said... the man said, "The future's not what it used to be," ...