Monday, December 2, 2013

Why Is an Entertainment Lawyer Writing about Health Insurance?

I don't have a dog in the health insurance fight.  I think it is outrageous how much I have to pay for health insurance.  However I also believe that no one should be forced to go without health insurance.  Most of my clients are involved in the arts in some capacity and I am concerned for their well-being. I am pretty sure that a lot of these folks  don’t have health insurance.  Nate Rau recently reported in the Tennessean that out of a recent survey of professional musicians, actors, dancers, visual artists and film makers, nearly 43 percent were without health insurance and out of this number, 88 percent claimed that they simply could not afford it; no surprise there.

                Artists typically do not have "employers" in the traditional sense so up until now the only alternative for them has been self-insurance, a market which seems to raise its rates every time the wind blows.  Insurance is too expensive; yet I have seen the devastating effects of unexpected medical costs on families and have to say that having some form of health insurance is the only prudent solution.

                So this gets us to the Affordable Health Care Act.  Against the will of the Tea Party that thinks that it is too much and the left that thinks that it is not enough, the government has taken the first steps to try and fix the insurance inequity problem in this country.  I have been reading about the so called "marketplace" available at and I can't see a reason for an uninsured person not to investigate it.  On the face, the rates seem quite reasonable.  If you are completely confused by all of this  I recommend reviewing a pamphlet from the Legal Aid Society called "Here's How the Affordable Health Care Act/Health Care Law Can Help You".  This does a good job of explaining how the new law works.  For those who complain that the web site is slow or wonky all I can say is "remember dial up internet access?"  It's time to stop complaining and start researching.

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