Monday, March 21, 2011

I Discover Law and the Multiverse

Last fall I wrote about a fun blog I stumbled across called, which reported all of the major court decisions involving Elvis Presley. Tonight, I heard a story on NPR about a relatively new blog called "Law and The Multiverse," run by two lawyers who are also self described comic book nerds. Their goal is to study the application of the law to those fictional characters who inhabit the universe of comic books and superheros.

Don't snicker too loudly. this stuff is fascinating and the authors are extremely well read and intelligent. Even though my comic book tastes never went much further than Batman and Superman, this material is ripe for legal analysis. I have to admit that my favorite posts dealt with such civil procedure topics as "Shape Shifting and Trial Testimony,""Superheros and Alter Egos" and "The Multiverse and Res Judicata".

For anyone with a passing interest in the outer limits of the law, this is great stuff.

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musicrowlawyer said...

Hi Trip. There used to be a blog by a couple of attorney's discussing the legal implications of behaviors on "The Office". You can imagine how many laws Michael violated! Thanks for sharing about the comics blog.

Steve Weaver