Friday, December 17, 2010

Treatment Bound: Ukulele Rock

I have had the good fortune of knowing and working with Tom Littlefield for over two decades. I have known Jonathan Bright for slightly less time. Both gentlemen are major talents as songwriters, singers and musicians. Littlefield’s late ‘80’s band The Questionaires, would have made it had it not been for record company idiocy.

When I heard that these guys were making a ukulele tribute to The Replacements, I knew it would be good. Musicians like George Harrison, Pete Townsend and Paul McCartney have shown us that ukuleles have more applications than just kitschy Hawaiian music. However, I did not know that the record “Treatment Bound” would be THIS good. The record works musically because of the great singing and instrumentation. It also succeeds on a higher level because Bright and Littlefield successfully deconstruct all these songs by The Replacements that you’ve known for years but never really analyzed. At his core. Paul Westerberg has a gift for unique melody and brilliant feel for lyrics. It was hard to discern some of the lyrics on the original records, and The Replacements’ reputation was more for their shambolic live performances than great musicianship, but so many of their songs have stuck in my brain for so long and Tom and Jonathan demonstrate why – because they are great songs.

Go to CD Baby to get this record now. ” Or, if you live in Nashville, go by Grimey’s.

You will smile right away and thank me later.

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