Friday, December 26, 2008

Civil Procedure: You've Been Poked

The Associated Press reported last week that it is now legal, at least in Australia, to serve legal process through Facebook. Imagine the possibilities for litigation in the U.S. Think of how many people don’t seem to have physical addresses or land lines but have active presences on Facebook, My Space and other sites. In my own practice, I have been able to locate a few difficult to find characters through these sites. I don’t know if this development is exciting or troubling but it certainly points to the future of Civil Procedure. Perhaps next we will be suing avatars on Second Life.


Theresa K. said...

leave it to the aussies! aren't they the ones who decided that legalese had to be done away with and that legal documents had to be written in the vulgate?

in any event... i shudder to think of the precedent that could set. egads... its all secrecy but no privacy. a dozen brownies if you can name the song that's from!

Trip Aldredge said...

Its all secrecy but no privacy?

I give up!