Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bands splitting publishing- two views

"there is a thing called publishing, this is what people live off of when the are in a band. EVERY band splits publishing so that everyone in the band is equal. i have lived off $30,000 for 3 years now since we signed that record deal. its hard to play in a band when you dont have a car and another member has a brand new convertible. its hard to go to band practice when you see all the great steaks, cookies, booze, a brand new hd big screen tv, about 100 dvds, new furniture, and all that s..t. there would be days i was starving and i would go to practice at his house and i would see that even the dog was being taken care of."--Bob Ferrari, formerly of the Pink Spiders, quoted on the Nashville Scene's music blog, Nashville Cream.

"A band is a microcosm of society. You hire the the people you want to work with it and you work communally and you split the money evenly". REM's Peter Buck quoted in Mojo, September 2008.

Without editorializing, that pretty much defines the two different views of how musical groups should split publishing income.

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